Our studio was born  from the need of several people searching for a convenient space where their unconventional dance dreams could come true. What connects them is a strong inborn necessity of movement, warm energy and openhearted attitude towards people, as well as vast practical knowledge of their dance techniques. With a huge doze of joy and lightness they guide you into the world of different sounds, rhythms and movements. They also show you how to keep balance between achieving high level of technical nuances and maintaining free dance expression of yourselves.

If you think our studio might be an optimal space for implementing your projects – we are open to new ideas.


Magdalena Mak

Magdalena Mak

Initiator and coordinator of EtnoBalans Studio
Irish dances

Since 2004  fascinated with Irish dance and music.

Since 2009  Conditional TCRG – Irish dance instructor certificated by An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha (The Irish Dancing Commission from Dublin)

Since 2010 qualified sport dance instructor.

She attended numerous workshops with polish and foreign dance instructors and artists: Coline Dunne, Shane McAvinchey, Anne Marie Cunningham, Isobel Cunningham, Lisa Delaney, Stephen Scariff, Anna Tillak, Joanna Ochędowska.

Coordinator of Irish Dance Group Celtica from Poznań where she co-creates choreography. One of the authors of choreography and dancer in such projects as: „Mysterious Europe”, „Eachtra – celtic groove, dance, image and word” and „Glanfaidh Mé”.

As an instructor in Irish Dancing School ISTA and as an individual teacher she leads regular classes and periodic workshops of Irish dance in Poznań as well as other cities in Poland.

Teacher in Roma Jakubowska Dance Studio where she leads children classes based on Roma’s programm “Play with dane”.

Also keen on modern and contemporary dance, jazz, tap dance and techniques of developing the body awareness.

+48 502 582 480

Marta Tomczak i Krzysztof Rogulski

Marta Tomczak
Krzysztof Rogulski

Bal folk dances

Fans of traditional dance and music. For more than 10 years they practise regularly – Marta at first in Irish and Breton dance groups, Krzysztof – in Irish dance group as well as music bands: formerly – Triskel (celtic music), now – Balzinga (bal folk). They also participate in numerous music sessions, individual projects and are still searching for new inspirations joining Polish and foreign dance and music workshops and festivals. Since 2011 they are sharing their passion as „Bal Folk Poznań” group, teaching dances from all over Europe as well as organising dance practises and dance meetings, where everybody has opportunity to use their dance abilities in practise. What is more, constantly they dive into deeper knowledge of traditional polish dances.
They teach many kind of dances: in pairs, threes, fours, circles, lines and other dance amusements that originate from different France regions (Brittany, Auvergne, Gaskony), Spain, Portugal, Basque Country, Sweden.

+48 602 609 661 (Marta)
+48 696 732 316 (Krzysztof)

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