Instructors: Magdalena Mak, Agata Dziekańska
Info:, 502 582 480
NOTE: In connection with Magda’s trip to Berlin, the tap classes are mainly conducted in a workshop form. For more information about the workshops, please visit THIS SITE.

We recommend regular classes conducted by Agata Dziekańska at Retro Dance Studio. If you have any questions, please contact Agata directly – 792 064 454.

We don’t save shoes! Enter the world of Fred Astair where even the rain will be an opportunity to dance :) Play with the rhythm and listen to what your feet have to say! We are one of the few dance schools in Poznan offering regular classes and workshops of the American tap dance.


Tap dance is one of the most popular dance forms of American origin. It is a rhythmic solo dance, which gained world fame in the first half of the 20th century. Like most American dances, tap is a derivative of many different forms, such as African Shuffle and Irish Jig, clogging and many more.

Dancers perform rhythmic sequences of cramps, strokes, slides and knocks, emphasized by their shoes, which are usually equipped with plaques. Apart from giving a lot of joy and really looking great, tap is a great way to practice balance, strength, agility and musicality. You’re not only a dancer, you’re also becoming a drum instrument, playing together with the band.

Inspired by dance, we publish our advertising clip and several films depicting American tap, performed by outstanding and immortal cinema stars:

  • Tap Dance Before Christmas, EtnoBalans advertising clip
  • Gene Kelly tapping on roller skates
  • Happy Tap Dance by Christopher Rice

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