Irish Dance Zone

Instructors: Magdalena Mak, Anna Wawrzyniak, Marta Czarnocińska
Info:, 502 582 480


Beginners with more and more experience

POINTMAKERS | Fridays | 19:30-21:00

We start with the 3rd series (spring one) of Irish dance classes in soft shoes. We continue the beginner group, which started in October. At the same time we invite new people who already have some experience and know at least the basic steps (at least skip 23s, sevens, threes, jumps).

Action plan for this series:
– solo choreography in double jig rhythm,
– the new céilí dance – Harvest Time Jig,
– improvement of condition and technique,
– consolidation of previously learned steps.

Fridays | 19:30-21:00
5,26 April
10, 17, 24, 31 May
7,14 June
Saturday | 12:00-13:30
25 maja

Anna Wawrzyniak, Magdalena Mak, Marta Czarnocińska

Retro Dance Studio – white hall
Poznań, Wielka 19/8
1. floor, doors at your right

ATTENTION: 200 PLN / 10 classes pass for payments up to 5.04!
125 zł / 5 classes pass
30 zł / drop in

Cash during classes

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POINTMAKERS | Tuesdays | 18:00-19:30
TREBLEMAKERS | Fridays | 18:00-19:30

NOTE: Due to Magda’s irregular presence in Poznań, Irish dance classes are also conducted to a large extent in workshops. Find out more about the workshops HERE.


Irish dance has been experiencing its great renaissance for almost 30 years, conquering the hearts (and legs!) of people in many parts of the world because of its joyful and inclusive character. It is not difficult to be carried away by lively, melodious music. Just try yourself!

Irish dance classes are very intense and regular participation guarantees building physical fitness and stamina. We pay a lot of attention to shaping the sense of rhythm and musicality. We also try to inspire you to arouse the stage spirit by creating opportunities to appear in front of the audience during cultural events and projects. In addition, our goal is to provide you with knowledge that will increase your body’s awareness, so that you can make optimal use of the energy and strength of your muscles.

During our classes we bring you closer to a wide range of rhythms and steps of Irish dance, adjusting them to your individual abilities, interests and ambitions. The classes are held in several groups, varying in level and type of dance. The following brief characteristics will help you choose the best course for you.


POINTMAKERS – soft shoe dance

Taniec irlandzki

Dance in soft shoes is characterized by grace, elegance, smooth movement, jumping. During the classes, in addition to learning technical nuances and choreography, we also pay attention to strengthening and stretching exercises in order to develop your body and prepare it well for the increasingly difficult elements and steps. The participants of the courses take part in stage performances organized by our Studio.

TREBLEMAKERS – Irish tap dance

Taniec irlandzki

Irish tap dance is one of the most spectacular types of dances. Full of energy, it gives a lot of joy, but, let us not hide that, he requires patience and perseverance. During the classes we devote a lot of time to technical exercises and shaping the sense of rhythm and musicality, because in the end we are not only a dancer, but also a musician. As with soft shoe dancing classes, we pay attention to strengthening and stretching exercises in order to develop your body and prepare it well for the increasingly difficult elements and steps. The participants of the courses take part in stage performances organized by our Studio.



Since 2005 our dancers have presented Irish dance on many occasions. We performed, among others, on the Celtic Summer Open Stage in Krakow, on the Celtycki Gotyk Festival in Toruń, on the Artenalia Student Festival in Poznań, on the St. John’s Fair stage in Poznań, during several editions of the Pyrkon in Poznań, next to Brian McCombe on Gorzów Qlturalny Weekend, on Puszczykowo Days. We also supported Celtica – the Irish Dance Ensemble – in their performance of Lumen – the birth of light to mark their 10th anniversary. We don’t shy away from working with local bands and individual musicians to get extra energy to dance from live music.


Taniec irlandzki

If you need to make up for it quickly or if you want to make up for it more solidly, you can take advantage of intensive individual lessons. Classes are held in groups of up to 3 people, and most often in the student system – an instructor. They last for 1 hour. It is an ideal solution for people who:

  • would like to make up for the material and join the group during the season,
  • feel that they would like to learn additional steps or more difficult elements, for which there is a lack of time during regular classes,
  • less courageous people who do not feel comfortable in a large group.
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