Instructor: Magdalena Mak-Jeszka
Info:, 502 582 480


MONDAYS | 16:30-17:30

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Winter series | 5 meetings
17 January
24 January
14 February
13 March
29 March
Spring series | 6 meetings
6 April
20 April
11 May
25 May
8 June

Children’s bodies, minds and hearts have a huge amount of ideas for expressing themselves. Instead of imposing limits on them by teaching them a specific dance technique at an early age, let’s make sure they can show us their own way of moving, their own speed, their own feeling.
The aim of the classes is to support the development of movement and to provide children with the basics of movement, which will be the basis for any dance technique chosen in later life.
The methodology is based on the knowledge of movement left behind by Rudolf Laban and Irmgard Bartenieff. The classes will also be a feast for the senses and an open arena for new discoveries. The children will have space for their own expression, improvisation and co-creation of choreography.


FRIDAYS | 16:45-17:45
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Winter series | 5 meetings
17 January
24 January
14 February
13 March
29 March (exceptionally Thursday)
Spring series | 6 meetings
3 April
17 April
8 May
22 May
5 June

This time we do not limit ourselves to one percussive dance technique, but we cross borders and create our own language and body rhythm. Based on inspirations from contemporary and traditional Irish dance, American tap dance, flamenco and body percussion, we will create space for learning choreography (e.g. Brush dance, Shim sham, Blackbird) as well as openness for dance improvisation. There will also be a place for meetings with musicians :)

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    110 zł | pass for 5 classes
    30 zł | single classes


    1. Payment for classes is made in advance, at the latest on the day of the first classes, which the payment includes.
    2. Payment shall only be made by bank transfer to the account number:
    Magdalena Mak-Jeszka
    12 1600 1462 1886 9676 1000 0001.
    3. Payments are made at our discretion:
    – for a single class – 30 PLN,
    – for a 5-class pass – 110 PLN.
    4. The pass covers 5 consecutive classes of Creative Dance Club or Percussion Dance Club, not necessarily within just one cycle.
    5. We do not refund any unused payments. We would like to be able to compensate people for unforeseen circumstances (illness, injuries, sudden accidents), but we do incur fixed costs related to room reservation and instructor’s remuneration. In special cases, we make it possible to use the passes at a later date.
    6. Classes cancelled by the studio will be made up for at another convenient time or payment will be made for them in the future.
    7. If the participant does not wish to continue classes and has not used his or her pass due to the fault of EtnoBalans, the unused part of the pass will be refunded.


    About Magda’s experience and projects you can read on her website.

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